Cloud Backups

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Do NOT lose the data you need to run your business, keep your records, or archive your family memories!

How often do you back up important data? If you are currently doing your backups manually, the answer is almost always “not as often as I should”. Backing up to USB drives or other removable media is a decent solution, but very hard to maintain. On a busy day (precisely the day you need backups) it is a very easy thing to overlook. If your backup currently requires someone to remember to do it manually, it is almost certain that it has been overlooked many times. Probably recently. Perhaps even today.

Already have a backup system? When is the last time you tested it? We recommend a test of choosing 3 random files from your backup pool to actually restore and test each month. There is no shortage of stories out there about lost data and the sometimes devastating effect it has on the business or person suffering the loss.

Everyone has heard stories about an aquaintance or friend who has lost valuable files, documents, photos due to a failed drive or virus infection. Let’s make sure it is not you telling those stories.

Objectified is able to help your organization set up a robust, automated backup routine – utilizing on-site and off-site (cloud) backups:

·On-site backups allow fast, convenient recovery from routine lost or overwritten files, machine failure, etc.

·Off-site backups provide backups able to endure more catastrophic failures due to theft, fire, etc.

·User portal allows monitoring of your backup status – successes or problems

·Daily emailed report reminds you of backup tasks needing attention, or assures you of success

If you would like us to help establish a solid backup plan for you, we would be happy to. We offer a proven cloud-integrated backup software solution, or we can work with your current provider. We can also review your current backup routine to assure you it is operating as you need, or assist you to make sure it does.

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