Buying from Amazon... what is happening here... phishing?

I have - for a long time - been fascinated by this particular phenomenon. It seems that there is a "legitimate" phishing scam that takes place on Amazon.

Audio nerds - PLEASE don't ask why I was looking for this particular microphone. This is NOT an endorsement of any kind - just needed one. Long story. I'll tell it another time.

Anyway, I started my search on (as I do for more and more things these days). I see this sort of listing often while searching stuff on the CA site. I found a listing for the mic here:

No big deal. It APPEARS to be "by CAD"... looks like a legit listing. BUT... what is that price again? $319.62! They are dreaming, right? Are they hoping I am desperate? Distracted? Or naive?

Here is the same product (actually 2 of!) on the US site - priced at $99.00 (which may still be overpriced, but that is another story)... is this institutionalized phishing?