Buying from Amazon... what is happening here... phishing?

I have - for a long time - been fascinated by this particular phenomenon. It seems that there is a "legitimate" phishing scam that takes place on Amazon.

Audio nerds - PLEASE don't ask why I was looking for this particular microphone. This is NOT an endorsement of any kind - just needed one. Long story. I'll tell it another time.

Anyway, I started my search on (as I do for more and more things these days). I see this sort of listing often while searching stuff on the CA site. I found a listing for the mic here:

No big deal. It APPEARS to be "by CAD"... looks like a legit listing. BUT... what is that price again? $319.62! They are dreaming, right? Are they hoping I am desperate? Distracted? Or naive?

Here is the same product (actually 2 of!) on the US site - priced at $99.00 (which may still be overpriced, but that is another story)... is this institutionalized phishing?

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Synod Webcast

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Objectified Partnered with Microsoft

Objectified Software has a long history with Microsoft.

We have fallen in love with their Office365 platform, both for our clients, and for our own internal use. We have recently received our Silver Cloud Competency as we delve further into the platform - learning more and developing new opportunities for ourselves and our clients.

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SOHP Annual Conference 2015

This year's annual conference of the SOHP was a complete success.  The Objectified team drove to Regina, SK to set up and work the registration and scanning of all individuals participating in the conference.

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