About us

Objectified Software Inc. is a Saskatoon, SK based technology company specialized in building custom software, web site design, live web-casting, software design and facilitation for conferences and conventions

Our strategic use of technology can assist and simplify the management of business challenges and save you time and money.  Our intuitive approach to all projects is to create solutions that specifically suit the needs and requirements of our clients. 

Objectified Software Inc. strives to "simplify the process" when we approach every job and challenge, and by doing so discover the logical and practical solutions for the clients needs.

At Objectified Software Inc. we specialize in creating custom solutions to help organizations gain success.  We build software and technical solutions that specifically suit the needs of the clients;

  • web site design
  • live web-casting
  • booking systems
  • databases
  • financial applications
  • E-business solutions